My Favorite Potent Potable

I’m being very self-indulgent and writing this blog post about my favorite potent potable…beer. I’ve been a fan of craft beers for as long as I’ve been able to legally imbibe them, and my love for them has grown substantially over the years. I can’t say that I have a favorite beer or even a favorite type of beer – there are far too many good ones out there. Lately I’ve been getting into the Fall brewing spirit by drinking as many different types of pumpkin ale that I can find, and it has been wonderful.


From inserbia.info

One of the most exciting and most recent developments in my beer drinking life is that I’ve started frequenting a growler store. This growler store, to be precise. What is a growler? It is a 64 oz dark brown glass jug that is used to hold any one of the many different types of beer that you can find at the store. When you’re done with your beer, you simply bring your growler back to the store and buy some more beer to fill it up with. It makes for a very fun consumer experience, plus it’s better for the environment than buying beer in bottles or cans. I believe that growler stores are mostly located in urban areas (there are tons of them around Atlanta), and I will sorely miss my local neighborhood store when I move to the farm outside of Knoxville next year. In order to combat beer depression, I have devised a plan…

I am going to brew my own beer! I’ve been thinking that I’ll want a new hobby when I have roughly 160 acres of space to work with, and this sounds like the perfect one. I tried someone’s home brewed beer at Dragon Con, and it was so delicious that I thought, “I have to try this myself.” Most home beer brewing kits aren’t all that expensive, so one would make a great Christmas or birthday gift (*cough cough*). The process doesn’t seem to be terribly difficult, so I think I’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly with some trial and inevitable error. I think it will be like chemistry class all over again (in a good way), so that if you’re careful to follow all of the instructions exactly, you’ll most likely get the result you want. I also like the creative aspect of beer brewing. Once I’m more experienced, I can experiment with all types of different flavor profiles (i.e. pumpkin!) and make something that’s truly my own. I’m so excited to have my friends over to the farm, sit out on my raised porch in the woods, and have everyone enjoy my beer. I know that I will feel so proud of myself in that moment. Whether I’m living in an urban environment or a rural environment, I’ll always find a way to enjoy a nice cold glass of finely brewed beer.